our first series of gif cards

Introducing #isonotes

Share some positivity with sweet, goofy, fun and loopy animated GIF goodness!

We started making GIF cards so people could have fun ways to stay socially connected while physically distancing. We called this set of GIF cards #isonotes!

Take your pick and make someone's day!

GIF Cards & Isonotes is a project by RMIT Animation Students & Staff​

All of these GIF cards have been made by animation students from the Animation Program @ RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

The project was set up and led by industry teachers as a way to stay engaged while campuses were closed. We worked together remotely to build the project from the ground up, making sharable GIF cards for as a way to stay connected, keep busy and spread positivity when COVID-19 paused our studies on campus.

We liked making #isonotes so much, we wanted to make even more in the future! So an offical platform to house it all was born here at GIF-cards.net. We'll be creating more loopy GIF goodness to share around very soon!

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